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MatexNet has offered assistance in the inventory, asset and collaborative requirements of tens of large organizations in the last ten years. It leverages its strength in the specific understanding of business processes of its clients and uses appropriate technology tools to increase efficiencies for its clients in this domain. image

Upcoming Auction

MTXANR0818 Coimbatore18th April 2014; Time: 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM
MTXANR0838 Tirunelveli18th April 2014; Time: 04:00 PM to 04:30 PM
MTXANR0586 Hyderabad21st April 2014; Time: 02:30 PM to 04:00 PM
MTXANR1059 Bangalore21st April 2014; Time: 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM
MTXANR0737 AP22nd April 2014; Time: 11:00 AM to 03:00 PM
MTXANR1197 Ahmedabad22nd April 2014; Time; 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM
MTXANR0735 East22nd April 2014; Time: 01:00 PM tO 02:00 PM
MTXANR0024 North22nd April 2014; Time: 03:00 Pm to 04:00 PM
MTXANR0739 Kerala22nd April 2014; Time: 03:00 PM to 03:30 PM
MTXANR0738 Karnataka22nd April 2014; Time: 03:00 PM ot 04:00 PM
MTXANR1197 UP22nd April 2014; Time:03:00 PM to 04:30 PM
MTXGRP0737 Mumbai22nd April 2014; Time: 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM
MTXANR0583 Chennai22nd April 2014; Time: 03:30 PM to 04:00 PM
MTXANR0596 Tamilnadu22nd April 2014; Time: 04:00 PM to 04:30 PM
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